TNR racer Brian Kozicki shows us how TNR tape makes racing easier.

Like all racers, we are pressed for time, no more so on those weeknight CX races. You try and get out of work as fast as you can, but you are never on time. One advantage to the TNR Specialty Race Tape is that not only does it save your kit from the carnage that is safety pins, but it makes attaching a bib number a breeze.

Step 1: Show up late to your local weeknight CX race. Whip out your TNR tape to save time and get on course before the whistle blows.

Step 2: Attach TNR tape to the four corners of the bib

Step 3: Peel back the release liner to expose the adhesive.

Step 4:
Line up your number on the correct side, and in the correct orientation(that is unless you have number 13).

Step 5:Press the number firmly into your jersey to ensure a good bond

Step 6: Before those post race beers peel off your number. No adhesive left behind and kit looks brand new still.