Does this product actually work?
Of course it does, we wouldn't sell it if it didn't. We will, however, be the first to admit that its not fool proof so make sure you follow the instructions. Things like wet jerseys, or dirty clothes are problematic so make sure your kit is clean and dry!

I have to reuse my number, what do I do?
Not a problem, just hang onto the release liners(the brown pieces you peel off) and at the end of the race after you have peeled of your number, stick the release liners on the adhesive that has been applied to the number already. Then at the next race, just peel of the old release liners, and stick some new TNR Tape over the old and you are good to go.

Can I reuse the adhesive more than once if I reuse the number?
It is not something we recommend, as the adhesive looses it's strength once its been peeled off. We reccomend applying new adhesive(over the old adhesive) for every race.

I peeled off the number but some adhesive was left behind!
This can happen, if when placing the adhesive a section of it was not attached to the bib number either by it overhanging the bib, or by  a contaminated surface. Don’t fear though, it’s easy to remove on almost any material using Goo Gone Adhesive Remover.  First check the materials color fastness by applying a small amount of Goo Gone to an inconspicuous area of the jersey(inside the jersey pocket  is usually a good spot. Ensure the fabric doesn’t bleed or discolor when the Goo Gone is applied (Please note that section is just  a CYA section and for all the Lycra kits we have tested  we have never seen a problem). If no color change is evident, spray the area with the adhesive attached with the Goo Gone. Wait a few minutes for it  to further soften the adhesive, then with either a finger nail or credit card simply scrape the adhesive off. You will want to remove the adhesive with your fingers and transfer any excess to a paper towel. Once all the adhesive is gone, launder the material to remove the remnants of the Goo Gone.

This is a really important race, is there any safety measures I can take
You can use this product in combination with safety pins for a fail-proof approach. This also limits the impact of the safety pins tearing your kit. To do this, apply the number as normal with the TNR Tape approach, then just  stick the safety pin through the regions that have the TNR tape underneath.

 How dry does the kit need to be?
 The adhesive needs  to make intimate contact with fabric, so  water or oils will prevent  adhesion. As long as it’s not wet to the touch you will likely be just fine.  Jerseys and skinsuits that are wet from mud or rain will need to be cleaned  and dried before using TNR Tape.

 I left my number attached for from than 6hrs now what?
Slowly peel of the number and best as you can and see the section that covers left over adhesive on the material.